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Engineered Wood Flooring is specially constructed to give it more stability than normal solid wood flooring. The boards are created from layers of real wood, which is pressed together under extremely high pressures, resulting in material that holds several advantages over regular solid wood boards. Engineered flooring is not as prone to expanding or shrinking due to changes in humidity and temperature as solid wood boards. It will not so readily absorb moisture from the sub-floor following installation. The way that engineered boards are manufactured means that the finished product is more durable and stable than ordinary solid wood boards, while also having the same look and appeal.

Luxury, style and a flooring installation that will last for years

Engineered Wood flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices for homeowners. The style, substance and longevity of this flooring material means that it simply never loses its appeal. An expert installation can really make a difference and at Newbolds, we specialize in supplying and installing the highest quality Engineered wood from all of the leading manufacturers. 

The very best wood flooring materials

We provide exceptional quality Engineered wood flooring that is manufactured by the most respected UK flooring companies – and guarantee installations of the highest possible standard.

 Expert floor preparation

Your new Engineered wood flooring will only last if it is prepared properly in the first place. We will undertake a measurement and quotation service; during this we will take note of what is needed to fully prepare your surfaces ahead of any hardwood flooring installation.